Hello everyone! The last chapter has finally been updated. You can now complete Vivian’s journey!

Update info:
  • Final chapter’s content, new map and storyline.
  • Completed game savedata can start NEWGAME+. In NEWGAME+ mode, all item, equipment, ability tree, unlocked skills and gold and Mana you have from previous run will carried to the new run, except key items. (which means if you didn’t unlock certain ability or skill requires the key item, you will need to find required key item in the new run to unlock it.)
  • Dungeon of the Decayed, a very difficult boss rush mode dungeon for player to challenge.
  • Rebalanced game difficulty. The original Easy, Normal and Hard difficulties are now replaced by Normal, Hard and Very Hard difficulty. Lunatic mode has been added as well.
  • The hens from Brocley village will now appears in Monsterpedia, but you will have to kill it again : P
  • Fixed UI display issue.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.

Enjoy the game! And Thank you for supporting us!