Hello everyone, it’s been 3 months since the previous update, chapter 4 has finally arrived! Vivian can now continue her adventure!

Update info:

  • Chapter 4 Storyline, map, monster, items, and everything.
  • New rift to challenge.
  • Some item pricing adjustment to the merchants.
  • Monster and game data balancing and adjustment.
  • Fixed some known bugs.
  • Since the information to chapter 4 area made some confusion in the previous update, we have put a much clearer note at the end of chapter 4 so you know it’s time to wait for another update 😛
  • We have our dear friend Matsurika working on Japanese localization for The Vagrant! We might be able to make another update rather soon for it.

And we have started working on chapter 5!

Please join our Discord discussion group and ask us anything or report any issue you found directly! We might not be online all the time, but if you catch you are more than welcome to chat with us!

The Vagrant Discord: https://discord.gg/3PNWMC9

Thank you all very much for your support! We hope you enjoy the game and have a good day!