New features:
  • Steam achievement.
  • Added Steam Cloud saves.
  • The Rift. It’s a small dungeon room where you can activate the rift by spending Gold. By entering the rift, you will face an intense battle, but if you survive the fight, there will be a great reward to collect. (Runestones and such.)
  • Fast travel. Player can now fast travel between Stelas.
  • Added Graphic options so you can choose base on your own computer spec.
  • Added “Exit game” in System menu so you can exit to desktop during the game.


Fixes & Optimizes:
  • Fixed some UI display.
  • Some text and dialogue polishing.
  • Full screen and Window mode should be working properly now. Also fixed the screen tearing issues.
  • Game progress will now be reset when start new game with different difficulty.
  • “Heaven’s fall” effect glitching issue is fixed.
  • Fixed the “Shadow chicken” issue.
  • Fixed dialogue repeat issue.
  • Vivian has longer dodging time, faster recovery time from ground, and adjusted attack speed.
  • When select “Back to title screen” you don’t need to watch the logo again.
  • More detailed and comprehensive cooking description.
  • No more off the ground attack from enemy.
  • Adjusted the enemy placement to avoid getting hit when entering room.
  • Fixed other small bugs and optimized several things.


Known issue:
  • Dialogue bubble shaking.
  • Some in-game text is not polished yet.
  • Equipment stat may not display correctly due to Runestone enchantment.
  • Polished item and equipment description may not display correctly when viewing at inventory menu if using existing save data. Although it will not affect gameplay at all, but there are two ways to fix this problem:
    1. Start a new game.
    2. Empty your inventory (Potions, equipment, materials and everything)

    However, we will see if we could completely fix this issue in future.


Work in progress:
  • Chapter 3 and later game contents.
  • Enhance projectiles’ visibility.
  • Localization support.
  • Steamworks.