Hi everyone! The Vagrant has officially launched, we hope you enjoy the game and then tell us what you think!

Here is what we will be doing after this release
  • 1.We are currently working on Chapter 3 contents, here is a breakdown:
  • 1a. Chapter3 map (70%)
  • 1b. Chapter3 monsters (90%)
  • 1c. Chapter3 NPC (40%)
  • 1d. Overall Chapter3 editing (20%)
  • 1e. And there will be new items, equipment, skills, and other things along with future update.
  • 2. More language options. Including (but not limited to): Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French, German and Italian. Volunteers are more than welcome!
  • 3. Extra features to be added before Chapter 3 update.
  • 4. Steamwork feature for modding.
  • 5. Achievements feature.


Known issue
  • 1.We recommend to use Alt+Enter to switch between fullscreen mode and window mode. Once switched to window mode, you can change the resolution rate to adjust window size.
    The reason is that switching from option setting will cause framerate drop. Although it might not be a major issue, but it does affect the gameplay at some point.
  • 2.English translation issue. Some of you might noticed and recent gameplay videos, but we have polished the main storyline dialogues, so there should not be any poor English writing on that. HOWEVER, NPC dialogue, item & equipment description, Monsterpedia, story journal still need to be polished, so please allow us some time, these will all be fixed.
  • 3.Any problem please post in here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/598700/discussions/1/

No promises for exact update time and date, but we will do our best!

Thank you very much and enjoy the game!